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Small Big Ideas

At the heart of my modus operandi lie “small big ideas,” like listening, learning, paying attention, and being thankful. The most trivial and obvious ideas can be the most fruitful. Small actions build on each other and produce big results.

In this newsletter, I will explore small big ideas through a practical lens. I promise to do my best to not waste your time, and to leave you with an idea you can take with you.

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About Me

I'm a Software Engineering Manager by profession with a wide range of curiosities and interests ranging from ReactJS to Neural Networks, from Carnatic music to deep house, from Burning Man to Vipassana retreats, from history to science fiction, and so on.

My quest for happiness has become a quest for stillness, and my goal to be successful has become a goal to help others be successful.

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Padmini Pyapali

I like reading and writing and coding. Engineering @ Uber 🚗 SonderStays 🏢 Zynga 🎮 EECS @ UC Berkeley 🐻